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about chucktown charley – charleston’s boutique pet retreat
About Chucktown Charley - Emme, the Siberian Husky, loves our Southern Comfort package and her private time out under the beautiful oak tree.

Founders’ Story: Allison and Janie grew up right here in Charleston, SC. Allison went on to receive a degree in behavioral science from Charleston Southern University. Little did Allison know that her love of learning what made people tick would soon also help her in reading dogs. As a new dog owner, she quickly realized she had to overcome her extreme fear of dogs (yes, you read that correctly) to build her relationship with and help her puppy work through fairly extensive behavioral issues. The work she did with her heart dog, Hadley, turned into a lifelong passion and career. Allison has trained dogs professionally for over twenty years as the owner of Well Mannered Dog, LLC.

Janie started her career in the pet industry at seventeen, working as a bather in a grooming salon. While figuring out her passion, the call to work with animals kept coming back, leading her to explore other areas in the pet industry, spending time working in boarding facilities and veterinarian hospitals. She eventually managed the grooming salon, where she got her start. With the dream of owning a boarding and grooming facility, in 2012, Janie purchased a kennel. As the industry began to shift, doggie daycare became increasingly popular, and people were looking for lodging and a place for their dogs to socialize. This is where Allison and Janie found themselves working together! Allison needed a safe place for the dogs she had trained to lodge and play that would look out for not only the dog’s physical needs but their emotional needs as well. A place where the dogs could continue to receive the consistency they were getting at home. At the same time, Janie wanted the dogs in her care to have positive social experiences and learn the best ways to make their stay as calm and stress-free as possible. A vision was born!

Chucktown Charley - Charleston's Boutique Pet Retreat

Chucktown Charley’s Vision

Together Allison and Janie created Chucktown Charley. They are passionate about providing the safest, least stressful, and most fun experience for dogs and their human companions. We don’t consider ourselves just dog trainers; we are Canine Lifestyle Experts who will be there every step of the way during the learning process and also there to support you and your dog as you live your busy lives together.

Living a peaceful, fun-filled life with your dog doesn’t have to be complicated, filled with conflict, or confusing. Find the joy in life for you and your dog by trusting us to guide you along the way.

Chucktown Charley is a community of conscientious dog owners who want to deeply connect with their dogs and benefit from a trusted home away from home with expert help on their side.

Chucktown Charley – Your Pet’s Boutique Retreat and Learning Experience

Chucktown Charley’s Mission

We created Chucktown Charley to fill a specific niche missing in the Charleston pet care industry. Our mission is simple: to provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment for your dog, while focusing on good manners and proper socialization. Our goal is for every dog to have a calm, well-balanced experience at our pet retreat.