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about chucktown charley – charleston’s boutique pet retreat
About Chucktown Charley - Emme, the Siberian Husky, loves our Southern Comfort package and her private time out under the beautiful oak tree.

Chucktown Charley is the combined vision of its co-owners Allison Allen and Janie Wilkerson.  Allison and Janie grew up together right here in Charleston, SC.  Allison has a behavioral science degree from Charleston Southern University. She has been a professional dog trainer for the last 18 years as the owner of Well Mannered Dog, LLC. Janie has worked in the pet industry for 15 years. She has experience in grooming salons, boarding facilities and veterinary offices. Most recently, she was the owner of The New Stono River Kennel, LLC.

Chucktown Charley - Charleston's Boutique Pet Retreat

Chucktown Charley’s Vision

Allison needed to refer her training clients and was looking for the right facility. She wanted to be certain their good manners remained intact, while receiving premium care. Janie was uncomfortable with risky large dog group play. She wanted a trained professional dog behaviorist involved to lower such risk. The pairing of these two businesses was a perfect match! They decided to create a facility that mirrored the charm and hospitality that they grew up with. A vision was born: Chucktown Charley – Your Pet’s Choice for Charm and Hospitality.

Chucktown Charley’s Mission

We created Chucktown Charley to fill a specific niche missing in the Charleston pet care industry. Our mission is simple: to provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment for your dog, while focusing on good manners and proper socialization. Our goal is for every dog to have a calm, well-balanced experience at our pet retreat.