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dog daycare charleston - Sammy loves welcoming new dogs to our pack.
dog daycare charleston - American Bulldog and Goldendoodle having a blast!
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Charleston Dog Daycare
we give your dog structure, boredom relief, safe play and the most fun activities while you work or play

Not the Typical Dog Daycare

We take a different approach to the dog daycare norm in Charleston. We do not have large groups of intermingled play. We match dogs by temperament in small groups while supervised by one of our dog behaviorists.

Our exclusive, non-traditional group socials are so much more than play. We teach dogs how to play using manners, so they learn to read the body language of other dogs, become more responsive to us, and make better decisions on their own. Our unique approach to training and PlayCare teaches dogs social skills, manners and the ability to self regulate their energy, intensity and emotional state.

Every dog at our facility is required to enroll in either our socialization “Explorers” program or one of our signature training programs before attending daycare or boarding at our facility. By having a social learning atmosphere where all of the dogs have the same skills, the dogs spend less time having to be micromanaged and more time having fun, playing and relaxing!

Our goal is for your dog to have a fun learning experience that is physically and mentally healthy.

No matter which dog daycare program you choose, your dog will be socialized in a safe environment under the careful watch of seasoned professionals with well-tempered, vetted dogs.

Australian Cattle Dog Having fun in one of our splash pools during daycare.

Three Different Daycare Options to Suit Any Dog

Playful Essentials: Your dog will enjoy a full day of private and social activities in a safe, fun and stimulating environment. Playful Essentials also includes enrichment activities that are designed to increase problem solving skills, reduce anxiety, increase confidence, and are mentally tiring for a happier, well-balanced day!

Perpetual Performance: Perpetual performance elevates your dog’s experience by adding on learning games to reinforce their response to yes, continuously build engagement and reinforce manners and social skills with humans and dogs in a super fun way! All of this is in addition to the private, social and enrichment activities included in Playful Essentials.

Climb Higher: Exclusively designed for alumni of our signature training programs to take learning to the next level! In addition to the benefits of Perpetual Performance, your dog will receive one-on-one training skills sessions with a professional trainer. This is the program to choose if you want to focus on specific skills such as walking, heel, climb, or recall, as well as additional distraction work and/or relaxation work.

Dog Daycare Charleston - Group Play is the best!
  • Playful Essentials
  • $42.95/ day
    • private and/or social play
    • enrichment activities

  • Perpetual Performance
  • $59.95/ day
    • private and/or social play
    • enrichment activities
    • learning games
    • our training foundations

  • Climb Higher
  • $84.95/ day
    • private and/or social play
    • enrichment activities
    • learning games
    • training skills sessions
    • relaxation work

Daycare Subscriptions

We offer discounted, pre-paid daycare subscription packages. Please ask about all our options!

Dog Daycare Things to Know

  • Reservations are required for daycare.
  • We encourage owner’s to provide their dog’s food for the entire day. Food should be provided in a single serving bag, labeled with your dog’s name.
  • Drop off and Pick up is Sunday – Saturday 8:00 am – 9:30 am and 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm. Extended pick up and drop off hours are available for daycare dogs by appointment.
  • If Daycare dogs are not picked up by the close of business, a charge of $1/minute will incur for the first 15 minutes after closing. After that, they will lodge with us overnight, and you will be charged the nightly standard fee. You will be able to pick up your dog at the opening of business the following morning. We do NOT do late checkouts after the 15-minute period.
  • Please inform us if any changes in medication or health have happened since your dog’s last daycare day. For safety, dogs on behavior altering medication are not allowed in social play due to the unpredictable behaviors the meds can cause.

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