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dog daycare charleston - Wrangler enjoying his dog daycare time!
charleston dog daycare - Koda is always excited to come and play at Chucktown Charley
dog daycare charleston - Sammy loves welcoming new dogs to our pack.
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Charleston Dog Daycare
we give your dog structure, boredom relief, safe play and enrichment while you work or play

Not the Average Dog Daycare

We take a different approach to the dog daycare norm in Charleston. We do not have large groups of intermingled play. We match dogs by temperament in small groups while supervised by one of our dog behaviorists.

Our goal is for your dog to have a great experience that is also mentally healthy.

Our approach provides a safe, fun and stimulating environment for your dog. An experience that focuses on good manners and proper socialization.

Is your dog not a dog’s dog? We can accommodate non-social dogs in our Specialized Care program. Our pet retreat is set up to allow such dogs to still enjoy dog daycare. They receive ample play and care from our professional staff.

Our dog daycare program is popular. We keep it small and exclusive on purpose to ensure our packs stay tight. We offer a complimentary three-hour evaluation by appointment to determine which type is the right one for your dog. We are also proud to offer our Train and Play program. This program focuses on enrichment, manners and proper socialization for puppies! This is all done during dog daycare!

We have the perfect place and activities for your dog to stay happy and occupied while you are away.

We offer programs for dogs of all ages, activity levels and temperaments. Our daycare isn’t just for the young and energetic. As a boutique facility, we are able to cater to every dog’s individual needs.

No matter which dog daycare program you choose; your dog will be safe, comfortable, and cared for like family.

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Three Different Daycare Options to Suit Any Dog

Private PlayCare: If your dog would rather spend time with our staff, this is the package for you. Our pet care technicians will provide one-on-one care for your dog during their stay. Your dog can play fetch, receive plenty of cuddles, be brushed, or walked. We will keep them happy and meet their individual needs.

PlayCare: PlayCare is our social play package. We offer PlayCare for small groups of no more than six dogs at a time. We handpick each group and one of our dog behaviorists monitors them for the most safety and fun.  Keeping all experiences positive and mentally healthy is our top priority.

Train and Play: Train and Play is our structured enrichment package. It is exclusive to dogs who have been through previous training with Well Mannered Dog. It is a great way to keep their training fresh and sharp, while giving them a dog daycare day full of work and play. We use social interaction, exercise and mental stimulation to better their behaviors at home and in public.

  • Private Play
  • $24.95/ day
  • For Dogs Who Prefer the Company of Humans
  • Play Care
  • $24.95/ day
  • For Dogs that Love Other Dogs
  • Train and Play
  • $74.95/ day
  • Structured Enrichment and Refresher Training

Daycare Packages

We offer discounted, pre-paid daycare packages. Ten days of daycare is 10% off the total price and must be used within thirty days of purchase. Twenty days of daycare is 20% off the total price and must be used within sixty days of purchase. No refunds will be given on daycare packages.

Ready for Your Dog’s Retreat?
Customize your dog’s retreat reservation now.

Dog Daycare Things to Know

  • Reservations strongly recommended for dog daycare
  • Dogs can eat lunch by owner request
  • Drop off and Pick up is Sunday – Saturday 8:00 am – 10:00 am and 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Extended pick up and drop off hours are available for daycare dogs by appointment.
  • We require a three-hour evaluation for your dog’s acceptance into our social playcare program. If an evaluation is not set up, your dog will automatically be in Private Play Daycare.
  • If Daycare dogs are not picked up by the close of business, a charge of $1/minute will incur for the first 15 minutes after closing. After that, they will lodge with us overnight, and you will be charged the nightly standard fee. You will be able to pick up your dog at the opening of business the following morning. We do NOT do late checkouts after the 15-minute period.
  • Please inform us of any changes in medication or health have happened since your dog’s last daycare day. Dogs on behavior altering medication will automatically be place in Private Play Care for our pack’s safety.

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