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a little extra pampering for a fresh and clean dog

Our Dog Spa Services help your dog Go Home Fresh!

Our dog spa services are exclusive to our Chucktown Charley clientele. We take our time to ensure a stress-free experience during your dog’s spa experience. Having your dog cleaned and nails cared for is essential for keeping your pet’s coat and skin healthy and prevents pain and discomfort. The added benefit of being super soft and smelling great for cuddles is priceless!

Our Go Home Fresh service includes: bath, blow out, ear cleaning and nail trimming. We highly recommend adding this spa experience onto your daycare or boarding reservation!

Most boarding and daycare customers request our Go Home Fresh services for their dogs. This ensures that they are clean and smell great after their time playing hard around our pet retreat.

We are meticulous in our cleaning routines, however due to close quarters with other pets, your dog’s natural odor may become more noticeable. Certain customers may also be more sensitive to pet odors after having not been with their pet for a while. We highly recommend taking advantage of this great dog spa service.

Boston Terrier Puppy Spa Day
Puppy during Spa Time
Lennon getting her blueberry facial dog spa enhancement.

Enhance Your Dog’s Spa Experience

These enhancements can be added to any of our Go Home Fresh baths:

  • Spa Enhancements

    • Nail Trim + Grinding – $20
      Get rid of those sharp edges and provide your dog with smooth, round nails.
    • BlueBerry Facial – $15
      The BlueBerry Facial is a great way to brighten and enhance your dog’s coat and help reduce tear stains. It’s hypoallergenic, hydrating and will give your dog a calm aromatherapy experience.
    • Paw Pad and Nose Conditioning Treatment – $10
      These conditioning treatments help prevent painful cracking of the nose and paw pads. It also makes them smooth and soft to the touch!
    • De-shedding Treatment – $35
      Tired of sweeping up tumbleweeds of dog fur in your home? Our de-shedding treatment is an effective way to reduce a dog’s shedding. Great for any length of fur and it is not stressful for your dog! De-shedding can help prevent hair from clumping together and creating mats which ultimately helps aid in preventing painful hot spots on your dog’s skin.
    • Deep Conditioning Treatment – $25
      Is your dog experiencing frizzing, split ends, dry coat or dull fur? Give your dog the ultumate FURtherapy and add a Mud Mask Deep Conditioning Treatment to your dog’s bath!
    • Teeth Brushing – $15
      Let us do that for you! Freshen your dog’s breath while helping prevent plaque and tarter.
    • Anal Gland Expressing – $12
      If your dog is scooting, licking or has a foul odor coming from their rear end, they may need their Anal gland expressed. By externally expressing a dog’s anal gland we can remove discomfort and ordor and aid in preventing possible infection.