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Dog Training Charleston - Apollo showing off his sit to be petted.
charleston dog training - Polly excelled during her board and train.
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Charleston Dog Training

Dog Training That is Fun and Effective

Chucktown Charley’s dog training experts began their training adventures in 2000. They started with a business called Well Mannered Dog and then expanded to the Chucktown Charley family.  We may have two different names, but our philosophies, owners and quality of service is the same.

Dog training plays a key role in building a good relationship with your dog. It’s not just about fun tricks or showing off, it is about communicating with your dog so both of you are happier.

Remember, dogs do not instinctively know how you want them to behave, you have to teach them!

We offer specialized puppy training programs, board and train programs, day training programs, and all of our programs include private lessons at our facility for owner’s learning purposes. We will customize a dog training plan that fits your goals and needs. The Well Mannered Dog team has completed every aspect of behavior modification and dog training.

Our helper poodles distracting a labrador while she is on her climb.

Dog Training That is Right For You

Our training packages defy the average classes you will find anywhere else. We take the extra steps when it comes to your dog’s training program. We focus on your dog’s state of mind and our goal is to create an earned relationship from trust and respect. We achieve this degree of success through a variety of programs:

Dog Trainers Committed to Your Results

Choosing a dog training professional is an important decision to make for your happiness.  It is a good idea to get to know the trainers you are working with and find out if you are comfortable with them and their style of training. This is a key element to success that many people might not consider in their search.

We take the time to meet with you and your dog, either over the phone or on Zoom, for a thorough evaluation. We discuss, in detail, the goals you have for training. We ask questions about how you live life with your dog. We assess your dog’s personality and temperament. Then we take all those factors and customize a training plan specific to your wants and needs.

We want to work with committed owners. We care about the people and dogs that we enter into a training commitment with. They become a part of our lives and we strive to reach the best results for each one.

We see training as not only a series of commands, but as an essential part of a dog’s mental balance and happiness.

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