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Dachshund puppy in the enrichment ball pit during her puppy training program.

Puppy Training and Daycare

A new puppy is a wonderful and exciting experience. Proper socialization and the foundations of behavior are often overlooked by many new puppy parents. To help new puppy owners in Charleston, we have carefully developed a four-week training and daycare program for puppies up to 6 months of age.

Our professional puppy trainers will work on proper socialization, manners, enrichment, crate training, grooming preparation and reinforce potty training. Your puppy will learn how to choose to play with manners with different dogs. They will also be exposed to noises, surfaces and situations to build their confidence when facing the world.

Drop your dog off in the morning and take them home in the evening. Their day will be filled with learning and fun. Our day training will take place Monday through Friday.

We use tons of positive reinforcement during this critical period. There are windows of time for learning experiences and exposures. Let us handle all of these for you, so you are sure to get your new member of the family off to the best start!

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