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Choose a Well Mannered Puppy

Do you have a new puppy or are you thinking of adding one to your family? Do the dreaded puppy behaviors like peeing in the house, puppy biting, chewing your valuables, etc. cause you to think twice? Are you worried you don’t have the time necessary to properly do puppy training?

Our puppy training program is the perfect solution for busy owners who want things done right from the beginning. Let us do the heavy lifting and set you and your puppy up for success. Now is the time to make the choice to create the relationship that you and your puppy deserve.

Dog Bones
our puppy programs provide a strong foundation for a well mannered dog

Now is the Time to do Puppy Training

  • The best time to train a puppy is from 8-weeks to 6-months.
    This developmental stage is the most critical period in a puppy’s life for learning self-confidence, socialization skills, and manners. The socialization period closes between 14-16 weeks!
  • Don’t wait until this critical time is over to consult an expert.
    Books can be confusing, advice from family and friends might not suit your puppy, but our puppy training is perfectly customized to your puppy’s temperament, personality and needs.
  • You don’t have the time, but we do!
    Your puppy will work daily with professional trainers and pet care technicians. Let us train your puppy correctly at this crucial early stage to set them up for a happy, healthy and well mannered life.
  • Socialization, Socialization, Socialization
    Studies prove proper socialization in the first few months of a puppy’s life can greatly decrease the chance of behavior issues later in life. (AVSAB Position Statement on Puppy Socialization) Our veterinarian recommended train and play program is designed to set a strong socialization foundation with people and dogs.

We know you’re ready! What is your choice going to be?

Lifelong Benefits for Both You and Your Puppy

Our puppy day training and board and train programs focus on relaxation exercises, socialization, manners, proprioception (body awareness), useful obedience and crate conditioning.  Your puppy will learn to play with different types of dogs. We also prepare your dog for grooming. We get them comfortable with bathing, blow drying, ear cleaning and nail trimming. Your puppy will also experience several excursions around the Charleston area to places that include, but are not limited to Waterfront Park, Hollywood Feed, Magnolia Gardens, the historic streets of Downtown Charleston and many more. Our entire program prepares your puppy for everything they need to have a calm, well mannered life.

Obedience commands necessary for a peaceful life:

loose leash walk
waiting at doorways
puppy recall
go to your bed

Your puppy will learn basic manners that give you more control with less frustration:


how to stop puppy mouthing and nipping
proper crate training
housebreaking reinforcement
curb unwanted jumping
reduce needless barking

We will properly expose your puppy to:


and more!

Teaching your puppy to relax is the MOST important thing:

We specialize in techniques developed by Mark McCabe of Training Between the Ears. These life changing exercises teach your puppy to view the world optimistically and develop resilience and calm in a variety of stressful and/or exciting circumstances.