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Choose a Well Mannered Dog


Does your dog’s behavior leave you exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed? Are you disappointed that your vision of the perfect companion isn’t coming true?


It’s never too late to start fresh with a solid foundation. Make the choice and create the relationship that YOU and your dog deserve.

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Charleston Board and Train Program
our board and train program gets results

Choose Us Because…

  1. Our program is immersive…
    Your dog will spend the entire day in a structured environment. We will create the well mannered dog you deserve with guidance and reinforcement. Your dog will thrive in our environment.
  2. You don’t have time…
    Creating a well mannered dog can be tedious. Let us do the heavy lifting. What a relief to have your dog receiving hands on training from professionals day in and day out.
  3. We are the experts…
    In our all-inclusive learning environment, results are much faster. Your dog will gain a solid foundation. You will gain the communication tools for that perfect companion you always envisioned.
  4. We believe in you and your dog…
    All is not lost. We take dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. We meet you and your dog where you currently are in your relationship.

We know you’re ready! What is your choice going to be?

Professional Dog Training from Start to Finish

Are you going on vacation? Running low on time? Is your dog having issues that need help from a professional dog trainer to fix? For many dog owners, this is the most practical way to get results.
Our trainers specialize in obedience, dog rehabilitation and advanced behavior modification. Chucktown Charley is unique! We are the only training and behavior retreat in our area that also offers boarding, grooming and daycare.
To keep the quality of our services high, we meet with you and your dog in person. We discuss in detail the goals you have for training. We then customize a training plan specific to your wants and needs.  This evaluation is free and no-obligation. Choosing a dog trainer is an important decision. We want you to be completely comfortable before selecting us to train and care for your dog.

While our Board & Train program is completely customized to your dog’s needs, here are a few examples some of the services we can provide:


On leash obedience
Off leash obedience
Behavior modification
Dog rehabilitation

Obedience training includes, but is not limited to:


Take it
Leave it
Loose-leash walking

Behavior modifications includes, but is not limited to:


Dog reactivity
Dog aggression
Some forms of human aggression
Won’t come
Door crashing