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Charleston dog boarding - Finley loves to train and play!
Dog Boarding Charleston - Sailor is happy and worn out after her small group activity time.
dog boarding - Presley always has a blast during small group play.
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Charleston Dog Boarding
peaceful overnight lodging accommodations for every dog

Charleston’s Exceptional Choice in Dog Boarding

Our outdoor space is just the right size for your dog to have a blast while playing with our professional staff. After a hard day of group or individual play, our dog boarding guests are safe in our clean and comfy retreat. Each dog has their own personal room in which to rest. Additionally, all guests receive fresh bedding, gourmet treats and elimination breaks. Comforting music and aromatherapy soothe them as they relax. All dogs have fresh water available at all times and receive nightly tuck-in service.

Our playful puppy package is always a big hit with the young crowd.

Peace of Mind Included with Your Dog’s Boarding

  • 24-hour supervision in our facility with full surveillance
  • Dog behaviorists supervision with 1:6 staff to dog ratios in group play
  • All bedding is freshly laundered and sanitized daily
  • Two recorded nose-to-toes health checks daily
  • Mealtimes and medication dispensing

Charleston’s Only Activity-Based Pet Retreat

Chucktown Charley’s staff can pick out just the right toy, play the right game or cuddle with the best of them! Puppies, active adults and seniors all enjoy regular interaction and activity. No matter what your dog loves to do, we have something just right.

It is our expert belief that activities and personal attention make for a happy and healthy dog. This is especially true during a retreat away from home.

We have customized daily care packages available. Let us help you choose the perfect one for your pet.

Small Group Playtimes: We offer small group play sessions, as temperaments allow, at a ratio of 1:6, supervised by a dog behaviorist. Your dog can stretch their legs out in the fresh air while playing with other dogs. Our behaviorists will match your dog to an energy and temperament appropriate play group. We conduct a three-hour, free evaluation to determine if this option is right for your dog. This evaluation should be scheduled prior to boarding.

Daily Care Packages: We pride ourselves in treating our dog boarding guests with excellent hospitality. We are committed to providing your dog the special love and attention they deserve. Our daily care packages include your dog’s feeding, care and potty breaks. We also have a variety of both enrichment activities and regular activities to suit each dog’s needs.

You can choose from:

  • Chucktown Hospitality is our ultimate level of care with our favorite combination of Charleston charm and hospitality
  • Charley’s Choice for a combination of mental and physical activities, perfect for dogs who may need some focused wearing out while lodging
  • Seriously Sporty for guests who desire the serious levels of physical activity
  • Perfectly Pampered for guests that want activities and some extra pampering
  • Southern Comfort for our distinguished senior guests
  • Playful Puppy for puppies under eight months of age

Enrichment Activity vs. Activity

Activities are fun physical play times that involve one-on-one time with a pet care technician or small group play as temperament allows. They can also include cuddle time, stretching and walks for our guests that need more gentle activities..

Enrichment activities take this to another level and involve various stages of mental work on top of the physical fun.

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  • Ball Play (Various Sizes and Types)
  • Frisbee
  • Baby Pool Time
  • Hose Play
  • Small Group Play (Temperament Test Required)
  • Running and Playing with Pet Care Tech
  • Cuddle Time
  • Brushing (By Request)
  • Walks Around Big Yard

Enrichment Activities

  • Nosework
  • (Hiding Treats or Toys for dog to find)
  • Agility
  • (Jumps, Ladder, Hoops, Weave Poles, Tunnels)
  • Food Puzzle Games for Mealtimes
  • Balance Toys
  • (Balance Disk, Yoga Peanut, Skateboard)
  • Bacon Bubbles
  • Sit with Treats
  • Gate Work
    (Waiting patiently and receiving permission to come through)
  • Recall with Treats
  • Flirt Pole

Ready for Your Dog’s Retreat?
Customize your dog’s retreat reservation now.

Beneficial Behavior Services

We call it The Retreat for a reason. Take advantage of our many enrichment options during dog boarding stays.  We offer everything from quick tune-ups to full dog behavior rehabilitation. Our experienced trainers can customize a training package to suit your needs. When you return, we will teach you everything your dog has learned. Pick them up better-behaved, less-stressed and even happier than you left them!

Our distinguished senior guests LOVE our Southern Comfort package. It's perfect for dogs needing some extra special attention in their golden years.

Treat Your Dog to a Sweetgrass Spa Day

You can add grooming, nail trims and other spa services to your dog boarding reservation! There’s nothing better than coming home to a pet who isn’t just happy, but who also looks and smells great! Our reservation specialists are happy to customize your grooming reservation and discuss service details. This is a great upgrade to your dog’s already fun-filled dog boarding experience.

Your Pet’s Wellness is our Top Priority

The health, safety and wellness of our dog boarding guests is crucial to us. All guests must be current on the following vaccinations before their dog boarding reservation:

  • Rabies (1 year +)
  • Bordetella
  • We highly suggest a pest preventative

Ready for Your Dog’s Retreat?
Customize your dog’s retreat reservation now.